Monday, February 6, 2012

Some of my older stories at Exchange

Here is a link for my older stories at Exchange. I need to add them here before the mypage update at the Exchange wipe them out. 

A modern Christmas Carol 
Genre: Joke/humour, Christmas, Redemption 

A modern Christmas Carol. A comical Sims Tale inspired by a Christmas Carol from Charles Dickens original 1843 classic.

Title: A Classic Irish Joke
Genre: Joke/humour, Heaven, Irish. 

This is an adoption of a classic Irish joke I found on the internet and recreate it in The Sim3 style.

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The Sim3 MMO.
Genre: Satire/humour, gaming/MMO.

This comical short story explores what will happened if The Sim3 become a MMO.
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A colourful world. Episode 1 – Broken Dream and Unlimited Potential.
Genre: family, slice of life, comedy.
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A short story based on a normal ten year old boy. Meet his family, friends and love ones. Follow his story and discover what he learns about life, family and friends. In this episode Steven learns about his grandfather, his relationship with his father and their dreams.

For my other older stories please visit my studio at the Exchange.

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