Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fantasy Bow Accessories set for Sim 3

LOL If you are a Skyrim fan, you may recognize the bow. It is inspired by the Ebony bow and arrows. However, it is not a copy just look similar.

No variation and 4 recolourable parts

CAS information : Male, Female, accessory, rings, young adult to elder, everyday, formal, sportwear, sleep, swim, athletic.

This set contains 3 bows:
1) Bow and quiver on back - should work with most pose packs.

2) Bow on left hand and quiver on back - should work with most poses that doesn't have the left hand too near the body.

3) Bow full drawn on left hand and quiver on back - work with the poses in the archer poses set.

Polygon Counts:
Bow and quiver: Very high 730 bow; High 670
Arrow, bow and quiver: very high 850; High 768

Pictures CC Credits
Elfen Archer: Warrier Princess n2 by altea127 ;
TearDropTiara_by BlackSweety
Monster: Glowing Eyes for Men and Women, Teen to Elder by EsmeraldaF


  1. This is very good work, thanks...

    But may I ask what is the difference in Bow 3?

  2. lmao Nevermine, I read the descriptions wrong.

    But irregardless, great work. I will fun with these...

  3. can you post this on MTS because my PC wont let me download from mediafire thanks!

  4. Thanks, now I can do my Sim self as her Bride class from Fire Emblem Awakening,

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