Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm Back (for now) :)

LOL :) Now I finished Skyrim. I'm back to the Sims realm for a while or at least to SWTOR or ME3 releases in New Zealand.

Since Pets I have hardly touch my Sims so I think I'll spend the rest of the weekend updating my game, mods and ccs. If I have time I may make some update to the blog. Any suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Going to finish a few projects I started just before Skyrim - Mainly 2 new guns for my gun poses 2. They are: a RPG and a Uzi. Also have a couple of new ideas inspired by Skyrim - a Nord hero accessory pack, and maybe the Arcane Enchanter. If you have suggestions on what I should make feel free to contact me here on my blog or on any of my other accounts (MTS, TSR, I can't promise I will make them but I would consider it :)


  1. Glad your back! I heard that Skyrim is highly addicting! I was wondering if you could make it possible for a Sim to carry to swords. I think that would be cool! Can't wait to see your new stuff!!!

    1. Yes Skyrim is highly addictive :) If I have the PC version, I may still be playing it and making mods for it.

      I have already done a few swords that are equipped on both hands - my Pirate Cutlass and my ninja Kunai-Knife. You can find them in swords. I am planning in making the Nord hero sword and shield from Skyrim in my Nord hero pack. I suppose I can add a dagger to the left hand if want it :)

    2. That would be awesome! I could just imagine if you had it on pc, the sims community would probably never see you again!LOL :D Have a good weekend!!!

  2. LOL holy crap u got all achievements o.o Congrats :) Also I would love to see a chackram like Xena's:
    *-* She has to styles the original(right) and the newer one(left) those sais are Gabrielle's :3



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