Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Suggestions & Feedback

I am always looking for suggestions and feedback. So if you have anything constructive to say, please add them here in this thread.

Sorry I don't do requests. But I do listen to suggestions. What this means I may or may no do (in parts or full) any suggestions I get. Whether I will do them depended on whether I have the skills, availability of time, and if the suggestions interest me.

I like making CCs and poses for popular movies, anime, comics, fantasy & sci fi novels  and video games. I also like making sim movies and stories.

PS I am also looking for suggestions and links to gadgets to improve this site.



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  2. Hi, I know you don't do requests so I was suggesting making a 'Wrestling Singlet' for guys? Someone has asked me to make one but I'm not that advanced yet! >.<

  3. Suggestion, since you make all those cool weapons, maybe you could do some outfits in a similar vein? Armor, gloves, boots, etc.

  4. Hi, I know It has been a while, and maybe you're not into this anymore, but Im hoping maybe you are. You've written you like suggestions and comics, and I've loved the super comics awesome sims you've made. I had an idea for a custom content a while ago, when building the batcave in my 5th cellar. I have the Tim Burton's 1989 batmobile in a platform with lights, and an armory with light panels on the walls, computer and quimics lab. The only thing missing was a glass exhibition/display stand with mannequins inside wearing the Batman and Robin costumes, both illuminated by floor lights. I searched the web for days looking for mannequins wich would give u the possibility of changing/choosing the clothing, but no-go. I've got no clue whatsoever in how to make cc myself, but I reeally wanted this mannequins, so I sailed in the adventure of learning how to make it. Oh God why...mesh, uv map, texture, wtf...I've tried to make a custom object using a sims2 batman mesh, and my brain melted...I can't do it, just can't...Anyway, I've just had the desperate hope that you may find this cc idea appealing and you were willing to make it happen. I know you can. Should you make it true, u would be honored as it demands, having your own statue (provided by you) placed amongst batman and robin in the batcave. :) Thank you in advence - Frederick Flash



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