Friday, June 10, 2011

Woolen sweater for Sim 3

Byrne Knitting sweater (Teen Male)

Woolen sweater for Teen boy.
CAS information: Everyday wear. tops. Teen. Boy.
3 recolourable parts.

 Download at TSR

Connolly Knitting Turtle neck (teen female)

Woolen turtle neck for teen girls.
CAS information: Teen. Female. Tops. Everyday wear.
3 recolourable parts.
Download at TSR

Child O' Neill Knitting Sweater (Child Male & female) 

A nice woolen sweater for child male and female
CAS information: everyday, child, male, female, tops
1 recolourable part
 Download at TSR

Maguire Knitting sweater

For young adult to adult, everyday wear, upper body.
3 CAS recolourable parts
Download at TSR

Foley Knitting turtle neck

CAS information: female, YA, Adult, tops. everyday
3 recolourable parts

Download at TSR

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